Changes in Goa to benefit Casinos in Macau

A floating casino in Goan waters

Difficulties related to the legislation of the casinos in Goa could generate more tourist entries in Macau’s casinos says Union Gaming Research analysts in a note cited by Macau Business. In 2011, around 170,000 visitors came to Macau from India.

Local authorities of the state of Goa in India are proposing a stringent law to discourage its residents from entering the casinos by imposing a heavy surcharge.

At the same time, Goa officials are proposing a reduction in entrance fees for visitors to both onshore and offshore casinos.

“While the lowered entry fee could generate more tourist entries, we believe a law that excludes locals from gambling could result in a marginal visitation benefit for other Asian gaming jurisdictions like Cambodia, Malaysia, Macau and Singapore”, Union Gaming Research analysts said in a note cited by Macau Business.

The BJP, the ruling party in Goa, has been vehemently opposing offshore casinos, claiming they were a bad influence on the local population.

On August 1, the state cabinet of Goa approved proposed amendments to the Goa Public Gambling Act, 1976, to empower the government to restrict the entry of Goans and youth under 21 years into casinos. The bill was passed by the state legislative assembly on August 8 but is yet to be enforced.

The general opinion among the goan population is that casinos in Goa have led to the devastation of Goan families, Goan lifestyle and Goan people and need to be stopped and closed down forever.

In 2011, around 170,000 visitors came to Macau from India.

4 Responses to Changes in Goa to benefit Casinos in Macau

  1. All casino licences in Goa should be cancelled. The people’s mood in Goa is against the casinos.Goan families have been destroyed because of gambling.Casinos in Goa should be totally banned!!!! Totally !!

  2. Alban Sequeira

    I agree with the ‘anti-casino’ sentiment prevailing in Goa referred by Viegas. The revenue potential from Casino`s should not be the main argument for casinos in Goa.The six off-shore casinos and more than a dozen on- shore ones, based in five-star resorts are the way that leads to destruction of the goan society. Please stop casinos in Goa.

  3. Estive em Goa há dois anos e de tudo o que ouvi entre os meus amigos goeses posso dizer que a esmagadora maioria deles simplesmente não quer casino nenhum em Goa. Rui Almeida, V. N. Famalicão

  4. Joao Menezes de Aguiar

    My dear fellows,
    Goa as a prime tourist destination should be able to cater for all tourists.
    So far it does cater to the “”back pack foreign tourist”” as well as for some middle class europeans, but even these are slowly running away, because of the lack of infrastructures, Garbage and poluted beaches.
    Casinos as a mean of entertainment are perfectly fine and NO, NO WAY THEY WILL DESTROY GOA.
    But yes it needs proper regulation and legislation, Unfortunatly like anything else in Goa, it falls prey of corrupted politicians, that use the “”theme”” to obtain people’s support whenever needed after changing words a milli0n times.
    More even the official papers are often adulterated to meet their targets.
    Look at the issue with MOPA and DABOLIM airports.
    Dabolim can not be expanded says an official study made by the well known and serious ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization).
    But no one told ICAO that the whole available area includes the area occulied, I say OCCUPIED BY THE NAVY, as n Portuguese days the airport was a civilian airport and was never a militar unit, and extends all the way to Baina beach.
    Inside the airport there is a Golf course and a football pich.
    So there is no space ???? More. Dabolim is the only airport served by an Harbor Mormogao in Vasco da Gama that operates even during the heavy moonson, and is also served by a railway and a highway.
    Located in a planalt situated in the middle / center of the Goa State.
    Now why MOPA???????
    Let the politicians justify
    If the governments is serious in developing

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