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Brazilian delegation of Wushu soon in Goa


“I know some members of the India Wushu Federation, but have not had the opportunity to strengthen our relationship. I believe it would be of great importance for both entities” tells Marcus Vinicius Alves president of the Brazilian Kung Fu Wushu Confederation in a exclusive interview to LSG – Lusophone Society of Goa. A Brazilian team of Wushu will come to Goa in November 2013 to participate in the third edition of the Lusophone Games.


Mr. Marcus Vinicius Alves, president of the Brazilian Kung Fu Confederation


Mr. Marcus Vinicius Alves, as president of the Brazilian Kung Fu Confederation are you happy with your participation in the third edition of the Lusophone Games which will be held in Goa in November 2013?

Marcus Vinicius Alves – Yes, we are very happy with the news that Wushu was included in the Lusofonia Games as oficial event. This will be the first Wushu event recognized by our National Olympic Committee. It can helps a lot the development of Wushu in our country. Wushu has been growing a lot all over the world and it is not different inBrazil. We have 25 states federations. We plan to have 27 states Federation in a couple of years and Wushu will have representatives in all brazilian territory.

Brazil has been joining all official events promoted by IWUF and Pan American Wushu Federation.

We do not know what will be the criteria for the Lusophone Games, we are awaiting the IWUF guidelines and / or the IOC, but I can say that the expectation is great and we are already working to attend the event and hope to bring medals forBrazil.

How many Brazilians will constitute your Wushu delegation to Goa and when will you arrive in Goa?

Marcus Vinicius Alves – As I told You before, we are stilll waiting for the guidelines of IWUF and IOC to know now will be the criterias for qualifying. We expect to lead about 10 athletes and 3 coaches.

Wushu will be included in this edition of the Games instead of Futsal. Do you know the reason for this replacement?

Marcus Vinicius Alves – In my opinion, the Wushu got info the Lusophone Games because of the great power ofChina trought Macau Government. If was the Brazilian Olympic Committee choices I do believe that Futsal would be choose.

Kung Fu is well known worldwide. What is the relation between Kung Fu and Wushu?

Marcus Vinicius Alves – The Kungfu is practiced on 5 continents and in almost every country in the world.

In my opinion the relationship is total. The modern Wushu, which is about to become an official Olympic sport, has its principles and fundamentals from the traditional Kungfu. The Modern Wushu was created with pretension of becoming an Olympic sport and totally geared for high performance. It is a sport very rich and has a lot to add to the Olympic movement.

Via your Confederation Brazil is tightening relations to China, a country which is the cradle and leader of Wushu. Does your Confederation have relations with India ?

Marcus Vinicius Alves – Well, today the ralationship between Brazilian Wushu Confederation, Chinese Wushu Association and the International Wushu Federation is very good. It is a relationship of friendship, mutual respect and bilateral cooperation with the goal of developing Wushu inBrazil and throughout South America

India- I know some members of the India Wushu Federation, but have not had the opportunity to strengthen our relationship. I believe it would be of great importance for both entities.

Please tell me sincerely when you first heard about Goa and came to know the geographical position of Goa and the fact that Goa is a lusophone region.

Marcus Vinicius Alves – With all honesty, last year, when I learned of the possibility of inclusion of Wushu as official sport in Lusophone Games.

What fascinates you personally about coming to Goa in November 2013?

Marcus Vinicius Alves – Visiting a country far away from mine, but with something in common, such as Portuguese. See some buildings with architecture with strong Portuguese influence, learn a little of the ancient culture ofIndia. Visit some churches like the Cathedral of Santa Catarina, the “Nossa Senhora” of the Immaculate, visit a Hindu temple, if possible visit a beach on the coast of Goa. Besides all this, make new friends, meet people and different customs and lead a team to participate in the Lusophone Games, an event recognized by the Brazilian Olympic Committee.

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  1. Parabens pela matéria.
    Torcemos para que o Wushu consiga alcançar o seu espaço de destaque dentre os outros esportes e com isso, chegar a Olimpiadas.

    Na torcida sempre pelo Wushu Brasileiro.

    Parabens a CBKW e Lusophone Society of Goa

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