Cape Verde Music Awards

“Mi só ki fika li” is Cape Verde’s song of the year

The third edition of Cape Verde Music Awards (CVMA), whose aim is to reward the CapeVerdean music every year, was won by Michel Montrond with “Mi só ki fika li” in the category of best music of the year.
In general, the CVMA intends to honour all those cultural agents of the Creole music who stand out for their dynamic role of CapeVerdean music. Listen to the music here: watch?v=LoeK9sbSSyY

May 16, 2013 – The Cape Verde Music Awards Gala 2013 held on March 9 at the stadium Estádio da Várzea, in Cape Verde, awarded musical works that have been edited or digitally released and marketed between October 1, 2011 and September 30, 2012.
In general, the CVMA intends to honour all the cultural agents of Creole origin that stand out for their dynamic role of Cape Verdean music.
The third edition was presented by Maria João Silveira, who made his second participation in CVMA, being co-presenters Nélson Évora and Vladimir, the latter a guest of Angola.
Michel Montrond was the great exponent of Music Prize gala of the year receiving his prize with tears in his eyes and a trembling voice. “I come from a very poor background and I had to overcome lots of difficulties to be able to continue with my music”, she told the public, explaining that this prize was of “enormous” value for him.
Zeca Nha Reinalda also had a remarkable moment receiving the award of Career, handed to him by Prime Minister José Maria Neves. The king of the Funaná was described with words of humility and expressed his thankfulness for the “gift that God gave me.”
Batchart, who was awarded the prize for Best Rap/Hip Hop with “És é pa bó” from the album Wlikileaks, dedicated his achievement to the isle of Saint Vincent, where he was very successful with several concerts in summer 2012, as well as to Hip Hop Creole and to the young people which he believes “are the power of change in a country.”

The prize for Best DJ went to Lefty dos Ligths Out DJS, who also spoke about his personal case: “I was born in the United States, but my parents are Cape Verdeans and they always made me believe that I could be what I wanted to be and here I am, with an award of the CVMA”, he said referring also to the fact that he is a DJ with only one arm.
The Splash were the top winners of the night, receiving the largest number of awards ever in the short history of the CVMA – they won in five of the seven nominations. The group won the Academy Award for Best Live Band and “Celebra” was considered the best electronic album and the best music producer. The theme “Mágua Nha Rubera” won in the category of Best Funaná, which had the participation of Bino Branco and Princezito and “26 Horas” took the prizes for Best Cabo Zouk / Cabo Love.
The event contributed with 10 percent of entrance tickets to ADEVIC, Association of the Visually Impaired of Cape Verde whose mission is the professional training with the aim of social inclusion. The gala was broadcast live by Tiver and online by SAPO Cabo Verde.
Lusophone Society of Goa (LSG)/CVMA

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