Inauguration of BCCG

Brazilian Cultural Centre inaugurated in Goa, Índia

It is with great satisfaction that we inform you about the inauguration on 17th March 2017 of the BCCG – Brazilian Cultural Centre in Goa – Centro Cultural Brasileiro em Goa .

The Center’s mission is to disseminate the Portuguese language and Brazilian culture and to strengthen the ties between Goa and Brazil in all its aspects including the social and the economic ones. The initiative for creating the centre was taken by the LSG – Lusophone Society of Goa.

At the same time of the launching of this website the Facebook page of the Centre was created (

The program of the inauguration of the Centre can be seen below.

We are extremely grateful and honoured by the kind message sent to us by the Brazilian Minister of Culture Dr. Roberto Freire showing a special affection for the creation of the Centre and for our activity. Please find message below.

We also received a very cordial letter from the Ambassador of Brazil in New Delhi Dr. Tovar da Silva Nunes, congratulating us for the Lusofonia Festival Goa 2017 organized by LSG and saluting us for founding the Centre. He has offered the Embassy’s support for the dissemination of the Portuguese language and Brazilian culture.

A very hearty greeting was also sent to us by a group of Brazilian friends who, as they say, carry “Goa in their heart”, wishing success to the Lusophone Society of Goa and the Centre, for its ongoing and upcoming activities. Please read  the greetings and the names of the signatories below.

And last but not least we are honoured and profoundly grateful for the extremely kind and affectionate way in which Ms. Dr. Rosimar da Silva Suzano, Consul-General of Brazil in Mumbai, interacted with the Lusophone Society of Goa, right from the first contact and now in relation to the Centre, and for honouring us with her presence in Goa at the inauguration of the Centre. Ms. Rosimar Suzano also wrote a greeting which can be read below.

Everything referred here obliges the BCCG – Brazilian Cultural Centre in Goa – Centro Cultural Brasileiro em Goa to open with friendship, kindness and affection the door of Goa to Brazil as a gateway to our India, thus contributing to the further deepening of relations between India and Brazil.

Inauguration Programme see here

Message from the Brazilian Minister of Culture see here

Message from the Consul General of Brazil in Mumbai see here

Greetings from a group of Brazilian supporters see here

Photo Gallery see here

Press Review see here

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