Lusofonia Games

Herald Newspaper of Goa refers article of LSG on Wushu

The daily Herald of Goa reproduces in a long article declarations made by Marcus Vinicius Alves, president of the Brazilian Kung Fu Wushu Confederation, in an exclusive interview to LSG – Lusophone Society of Goa.

Herald also writes in the article that Goa is gearing to host the Lusofonia Games in November 2013, but the Games manual has not yet been finalized. The participating nations at the Games are also concerned to finalize their contingents and book their air tickets well in advance, besides wanting to know in which starred hotel they would be accommodated. That apart, writes Herald, the issue of visas has not yet been finalized since many countries participants of the Games do not have Indian embassies or consulates to issue visas and are forced to move out of their countries which is a very costly proposition.

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